I have a huge to-do list and only to the end of the year to do it. If I miss any of them it could ruin everything. Included (but not limited to) is switching my MEPS files from the reserve recruiter to an Active duty recruiter, getting Mae TO AN ACTIVE DUTY RECRUITER, getting my 1.5 mile run time to 9:47, getting Mae’s GED, finishing up my Fire fighter externships, graduating my college, getting mae to pass the asvab, get Mae through MEPS, I need to pass a PAST test, I need to finish through indoc, I need to KEEP working out twice a day and I need to get MARRIED before I get shipped out. I feel like ripping my hair out but that’s okay because I look damn good with short hair anyway and I NEEDTO BE A PARARESCUEMAN so BRING IT THE F*CK ON!!!


Well this is it guys. I just cleared MEPS and everything is all set. By the end of October I’m starting my military training for Pararescue. The dream is within sight and I’ve been chasing it all my life, time to make that final sprint to catch it.


"Odd things I’ve had to write on a PCR #567: Upon arrival on scene, pt was found attempting to climb on top of the nurses’ station, yelling obscenities."

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I think I shed a tear laughing.

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Using tape on three sides just doesn’t f*cking work. Someone showed me this trick and I’ll never forget it.
Use A Defibrillator Pad!

That thing will stick to anything, blood, sweat, vomit. And it’ll keep the seal. It works, bring them into the ER and look like a rockstar.



A transplanted heart does not respond to atropine

This is because atropine affects the vagus nerve (parasympathetic innervation of the heart), not the heart itself.

Since a transplanted heart is not connected to the recipient’s nerves, atropine will have limited or no effect on the donor heart. Neither will vagal stimulation like Valsalva maneuvre or carotid massage

Eventually however, there may be some regeneration of nervous innervation to the new heart; mostly sympathetic, but also parasympathetic nerves. In that case, atropine might work.

But the treatment of choice in hemodynamically significant bradycardia in heart recipients, is pacing (according to ACLS guidelines).

Found this hanging around on my wall, check it out guys.

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Somebody told me this at the hospital while at work. If you start a Dopamine drip don’t stop the drip or you could cause the liver to shut down. Let the hospital handle that. Can anybody expand on this it would be much appreciated.



This kid shreds. [video]

When we get a Motor Vehicle roll over call

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Become a Guardian Angel for my country? Hell Yeah!

Become a Guardian Angel for my country? Hell Yeah!

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Monday I start my orientation for my new job as a nurse extern on the cardiac floor! I already have my preceptor and first two shifts scheduled!!

Awesome good luck! Remember, mistakes are healthy don’t let them get you down.

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Nurses are so nice, every hospital we went to we were given little flashlights, slushies, granola bars and we were greeted with “Happy EMS week!”

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12 hour fire shift today. Thought about writing something inspirational on my hand, this is what I ended up with.



Partial amputation of the right wrist. I’m saying that because it’s just too deep for me to call a laceration. Cannot believe someone asked if it was fixed…when they are clearly in a medical facility….but what the hell. Kids these days. Yes it was fixed. 

Oh damn.

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